7 Easy Steps To Building A Powerful Web Presence.

May 1, 2019

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Today, the benefit of building a strong online presence is no longer in question. Indeed, the internet provides consumers 24/7 access to even the smallest of businesses. Real Estate professionals are no exception as they navigate the new challenges of transitioning their traditional service via phone into the addition of a web presence.

7 simple tips to ensure your website is moving in the correct direction:

1. SSL Certificate – add security to your website.
2. Mobile Friendly – over 50% of visits to your web page will be mobile.
3. Good Content – search engines look for original content.
4. Positive Site Links – receiving links from information friendly sites is key.
5. Clean and Easy – quick, simple, and to the point websites help attract users.
6. Contact Information – Ensure people can get a hold of you.
7. Powerful URL – a clear reflection of your business brand.
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