Simply Marketing Online

Building and Maintaining Websites

At Simply Marketing Online, we are marketing and website experts. We build and maintain your site, so that you can focus on your business.

Create your domain name with Simply Marketing Online. We have professional website builder and WordPress. we stay updated with the latest trends to create a website that attracts attention from your target audience.

We Have Website Builders

With website builders, creating a website is very easy as it is mostly automatic. It also looks completely professional. In a few minutes, you're up on the web! You can add cool, self-configuring, free features now or later on.

The dozens of pre-designed themes can automatically format your instantly-organized, clean and professional website. You don’t have to face the risk of installing messy or dangerous software or bloated apps.

Build and manage your website right from your computer, laptop, tablet or even from the latest smartphones!

Why Choose Us

SEO is not to be confused with search engine marketing and it is not an overnight fix. Our marketing strategies are SEO-friendly. SEO guidelines mirror Google’s wants and give it personalized attention to stay ahead of the curve. Every other week Google is changing something to scramble up the search results page.

Search engine optimization can come from many different places and doesn’t always have to be just your website. The popularity contest can be won with enough votes. So looking at your target market, we can customize a plan that will compound on itself and has room to grow.

Depending on certain elements like your Target Market, Demographic, competition and the sheer nature of what you can do. SEO costs can be tricky, this is another reason for personalized approach.

We make simple adjustments to the website without involving you in it. Our attention to detail allows you to focus on your job and your clients at hand. We will monitor and maintain the SEO placement.

Other companies charge extra for a decent site map. But you don’t need to worry about it, as sitemaps are included at no additional cost across all of our packages.

We use social media, blogs, video outlets and other ways to make an impact on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Your website should be as unique as you are, to your market. With a consultation, we can make an educated decision on where you are and where you want to be. 

We want you to be as diverse as the your business can with all that said and added up a good plan for digital marketing is to incorporate a mix of media as search engines do not produce specific websites but specific web pages that are relevant to what you typed into the search engine.